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 At ICMG, we help you break new ground with openness and diversity.



Focusing on results and strongly embracing openness

Be the unexpected

In this current age, it’s so much easier to connect with one another, welcome fresh ideas, create and sell things or services, and raise funds. Yet, businesses that succeed are only those that do things out of the ordinary.

Success starts with partnerships

Every business strives for positive growth even in times of destruction, creation and uncertainty. As your partner, we go beyond consulting and are committed to ensuring the continued success of your business.

Embrace openness for growth

Today, higher diversity brings boost to organizational profitability. Organizations adopting a closed system are less likely to reach its full potential. Therefore, we work closely with our diverse partners, helping our clients to break away from self-sufficiency to boost business performance.


Competition spurs innovation. We provide you with essential problem-solving skills and valuable capital to facilitate your needs.
Ideas alone are of no value until they are executed together with our clients.

Innovation Dynamics Framework


Businesses-building / Open Innovation Partners : Working towards achieving results to become a dominant presence for our clients.

 1. Process & Program
Necessary processes and programs are designed and jointly run to produce results through innovation. (We work closely with our clients to achieve results)

 2. Future Center
The hub of knowledge sharing, ideas, testing and co-creation with clients/partners.

 3. Ecosystem & Alliance
With the focused domain in mind, we go before our clients, building and managing connections (prior investment in the network) for the best results.


We lay the groundwork to establish the essential network our clients require.


ICMG Innovation Alliance in Singapore

An alliance that encourages exchange of advanced knowledge/wisdom (framework, practical issues, groundbreaking solutions, etc) pertaining to open innovation across its members.

Food Innovation Alliance in Singapore

An alliance in the food industry that focuses on the localisation of Japanese enterprises in Asia/ASEAN countries, as well as new product development, test beds and marketing support.

Venture Co-creation

Start-up creation and management methodology. Through VCC process we are able to create start-ups rapidly, guide them to initial success and create value for our stakeholders as well.

Singapore As A Strategic Base

Government-led Innovation
Early adopters of innovation in the world

With the help of government initiatives, we adopt the latest innovations around the world and facilitate the expansion of companies through showcases and achievements in Singapore.

Experimental site for online businesses
Business opportunities through the integration of technology in local issues

Leveraging on government support, we help our clients overcome the abundance of challenges and lead their businesses to digital victory.

Asia / Global Hub
The Center of Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Consortium

Grow your business with insights obtained from business experiments conducted in Singapore—the hub that encourages horizontal business expansion for cities such as Tokyo, Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.


Focus areas that hold a growing importance to the future of the global society while increasing ICMG’s sustainable advantage:


Healthcare / Food






Our services are developed through our self-invested platform to ensure successful “multiplication” of large enterprises.

Business-building Services

Asia Strategic Building Program
Formulate strategies while engaging in discussions with strategic partners in Asia’s Innovation Hub.

Innovation Strategy & Ground Design Construction Program
At regional/business level, we formulate strategic policies as well as the ground design to bring the Innovation Ecosystem to fruition.

Business Model Construction / Verification (Experiments · POC) Program
While committing ourselves to the strategic objectives, we help our clients with ideation, business model construction, partnership sourcing and initial verification/experimentation.

Future Center Program
ICMG Future Center supports your business by providing office spaces, local networks and office service/internships.

Execution Services

Business Alliance / Capital Alliance Support Program
We facilitate business tie-ups and capital tie-ups with partners that agree with the strategy/business model.

Open Innovation Center / HQ Establishment Support Program
We cooperate with EDB, etc, to provide support in establishing the story behind the importance of the HQ and what it should be like.

Global Leader/Entrepreneur Talent Development Services

Human Resource Strategy · Ecosystem Ground Design Program
Gain deep insight on HR issues and solutions from the overall strategy and get the big picture regarding the functions of the company’s whole ecosystem.

Leadership Training to Equip Wisdom and Create Axis
We aim to foster the next generation of managers and leaders and provide a place of practice for selected human resources based on practical corporate tasks and innovation themes.

Cross Competition
Here we foster leaders to lead in the age of Open Innovation and accomplish great results, as well as to generate and implement cross-industry/company ideas.

Our joint project partners from each focus area of the Ecosystem Hub



Organization Partner

Sustainable Living Lab (SL2)

Located at the centre of the ASEAN network, Sustainable Living Lab is a social innovation lab that plans and manages ideas in large enterprises and the Singapore government. It holds prototyping workshops to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). ICMG works together with SL2 to plan and manage ideas in large enterprises.


E27 is the largest media and event platform (Echelon) in the ASEAN region that focuses on developing Asia's technology startup ecosystem. ICMG has teamed up with E27 to plan and manage an identification program for Japanese companies and Singapore’s diverse start-ups.

Plug & Play

Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley is a venture fund, innovation platform, startup accelerator, and corporate innovation consultancy. With over 350 investments in more than 10 countries around the world, Plug & Play is planning and operating a startup acceleration program with ICMG.

NUS Enterprise

Espousing to be an incubator, NUS Enterprise is the entrepreneurship arm of Asia’s top university. Besides the Lean LaunchPad Singapore program, it provides support to start-ups and runs support programmes for large enterprises. NUS Enterprise is working with ICMG to plan and manage startup accelerator programmes.


Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC) is a government innovation center launched to represent the food industry in Asia. It is established as an one-stop venue to provide food enterprises with technical expertise in new product development, market testing, etc. In partnership with ICMG, it plans and operates a food innovation platform for Japanese companies.


AIRmaker is an IoT-focused accelerator that is a joint venture between sustainable urban solutions provider Ascendas-Singbridge, Shenzhen-based technology enterprise Runyang Group and innovation agency SGInnovate. It holds programs that promotes ideas pertaining to prototypes and business POCs. ICMG works closely with AIRmaker to plan and operate an IoT / Smart Home startup acceleration program.

Startup bootcamp

Startupbootcamp, the leading accelerator in Europe, organises accelerator programs that include Smart City & Living, Fintech, Smart Transportation & Energy, Digital Health programs and more. ICMG is working with Startupbootcamp to plan and operate Fintech startup acceleration programs.

Origgin / Enlop

Origgin and Enlop are companies that specialise in business-building. They are under the leadership of Clarence Tan (ICMG Independent Director), a NUS graduate who has founded many other companies and is a director of government-affiliated companies. As the only company privileged to work with ASTAR to form joint ventures, Origgin and Enlop works together with ICMG and its clients to develop their businesses.

STT /STT GDC / STT Connect

STT is the world’s second data center provider with affiliated companies that provide digital platforms (clouds, applications, etc.) Together with ICMG, STT facilitates business development, with the use of STT’s cloud digital platform.


ACA is a company based in Singapore that is one of the best-performing fund managers in Southeast Asia. It has managed over USD900 million of funds and is a group company of ICMG. Apart from co-investments, it also cooperates with ICMG to identify partners that achieve business model innovation for large Japanese companies.

Team & Partners

Hitoshi Funahashi / 船橋 仁

Hitoshi Funahashi joined a renowned Japanese company called Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. in 1987 and led the creation of a business incubation division in the company and provided start-up companies with comprehensive support services. In 2000, he has founded ICMG Co., Ltd. and has been leading top management of Japanese big companies such as Hitachi, Tokyo Electric Power Company etc. Hitoshi holds a MBA and Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University and is the Vice-Chairman for Middle Market Business Revitalization Committee, Japan Association of Corporate Executives.

Yusuke Tsuji / 辻悠佑

After working at J.P. Morgan, Yusuke Tsuji joined ICMG, where he is primarily involved in new business developments and Open Innovation. Besides working closely with clients from the idea stage to the commercialisation of their businesses, he has broad experience in facilitating the design and implementation of innovation strategies, corporate innovation processes, personnel requirements and various systems, etc, so as to deliver effective innovation management in large enterprises. He also has experience working under several directors. He completed his studies at Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.

Clarence Tan (Independent Director of ICMG Singapore)

Clarence Tan has launched a number of technology startups in Singapore such as Perfect Innovation Pte Ltd and Pinnz Pte Ltd, and is currently the CEO of Global Roam Pte Ltd that was established in 2001. He also founded Origgin and Enlop, where he works closely with A*STAR to aid and fund venture co-creation and facilitate joint development with large companies. A graduate of University of Southern Queensland, he pursued an MBA at National University of Singapore (NUS).

Gen Funahashi / 船橋 元

Gen Funahashi has led cross-border M&A at Deloitte and launched aircraft parts financing fund as well as managed medical device financing fund at ACA Investments. In 2017 he has joined ICMG as a director and accelerated venture co-creation with Clarence Tan in Singapore. Also he has successfully launched the joint venture in Singapore to provide renewable energies to areas without electricity in Asia. Graduated from School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University and also completed an exchange program at Boston University.

Akihiro Azuma / 東 明浩

Akihito Azuma has experience in group management and financial strategies in recruitment and was mainly involved in M&A and private equity investment as the Managing Director at Nikko Antfactory K.K. (now Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd.). He is also the CEO and President of ACA Co., Ltd (previously known as Anto Corporate Advisory Co., Ltd.) and joined ICMG in 2011. He specialises in providing financial advice as well as support in the corporate venture capital field. He is a graduate of the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine.

Isao Segawa / 瀬川 勲

During his time at Sojitz Corporation, a general trading company, Isao Segawa was based overseas for 8 years and has experience in international trade and business investment. As a board member (later Representative Director) of a business investment company named Staff Service Investment Co., Ltd (later known as OG Investment Co., Ltd.), he was involved in funding technology ventures and revitalising businesses of restaurants, resort hotels, golf courses, sake breweries, and more. Isao joined ICMG in 2012 and serves as a CFO in M&A and alliance business. He graduated from Kobe University Law School.

Veerappan Swaminathan (Founder & Director)

Veerappan Swaminathan is a pioneer of the Maker Movement in Singapore and a sustainability-oriented entrepreneur. He established Sustainable Living Lab and the OneMaker Group to tackle sustainability challenges and drive hardware innovation. Through his work, Veerappan aims to achieve sustainable development goals in ASEAN and be the driving force of hardware innovation. He has also led organisations to win awards such as the Young Enterprise For Sustainable Development Award 2015. Veerappan is a graduate of the National University of Singapore (NUS) (being in the top 3%, he was elected for the University Scholars Program).

Atem S. Ramsundersingh (Wenergy Founder)

Atem Ramsundersingh has experience and knowledge in developing businesses and projects in emerging economies and in complex decision-making. Presently at WEnergy Global Pte Ltd, a provider of renewable energy solutions, he manages projects ranging from electric power development to power sales in the Philippines, etc, for the government and other related companies. Prior to this, he has worked as a Senior Program Manager at the World Bank Group and was the former Program Director at UNESCO-IHE Institute. He holds a Masters Degree in Infrastructure Engineering of Delft University of Technology.

Mann Na Loong (FIRC Centre Director)

Mann Na Loong has served as the director of Food Innovation & Resource Center (FIRC) since its establishment and has led many projects with food-related companies for 10 years. As a Deputy Director at Singapore Polytechnic the School of Chemical & Life Sciences, she organised courses on applied technology related to food, nutrition, and health. Since 2014, she has been working as a coordinator in the Singapore government's food manufacturing sector.


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